On caffeine and its effect on the productive brain

2013/01/29 § 2 Comments

I have had way too much coffee.

It wasn’t even that much. It was “one large Americano with soya” at approximately three to three thirty. But I still jump every time my flatmate sneezes, my wrists can’t keep still, I see flashing lights and hands every time my eyes unfocus (not a word according to the spell check, well, fuck you) and I can’t seem to do anything productive.

I had to write a letter to my leader-of-all-the-module-teachers-person (he has some sort of title, but Space knows what that is) on the markings of an essay, which my co-students were displeased with. This is my problem as I’m (as previously mentioned) the class representative. I’m pretty sure it reads like a badly spelled and grammaticised (yet again, not a word) but very formal letter, so I considered lightening it up by starting off with “Hey [name]!” but ended up with the more neutral “Dear [name],”.

My spell check changed ‘neutral’ to ‘neural’.

Anyway, I figured I’d update with my very late 2012 taste in music, in a separate post, and I made this post just to introduce it, which makes no sense, but I’m hopped up on coffee so everything I say and do should be disregarded as I am under the influence of legal drugs.

I am also completely unaware of past-me’s (assumed) category routine, so all my blogging will probably mess everything up and piss future-me off endlessly. Which is what present-me usually does anyway.


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§ 2 Responses to On caffeine and its effect on the productive brain

  • Cecilie says:

    Veldig usikker på om du vil ha en engelsk eller norsk kommentar…

    • Kharma says:

      Jeg forstår fortsatt norsk, haha, så hva enn du føler deg mest komfortabel med. Personlig har jeg problemer med å kommentere norsk på engelske innlegg og vice versa, men det er bare fordi hjernen min er ødelagt.

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