On Conor Oberst @ Sentrum Scene

2013/01/30 § 2 Comments

I was really excited for this concert.

I hadn’t seen Oberst in a little over a year and a half, which was sad, so when I figured out a way to get back home without my entire family figuring out I was insane I was really happy. (The solution was to suggest a trip to the mountains, “but just make sure we’ll be back by Sunday evening cause there’s this gig I’d really like to attend.”  I also promised my mother I’d not go to Amsterdam (which is terrible), but that’s another story.)

I got a really good seat, with a boy to my left who constantly nodded his head, and a couple to my right who were more interested in each other than what happened on stage, and a choir of girls behind me who quite possibly had mistaken Oberst for Bieber (a lot of squealing and “åh nei han er så søt, herregud Lise, hørte du det, se der, han er så søt!”), but nevertheless made the songs quite magical cause when they sang along they sounded like fairies.

(I think I’ll write about Morten Myklebust later.)

The concert started off with an Oberst who acted like he’d rather be anywhere else than on-stage (as usual (I say, with two concerts under the belt)) and an audience quite unfamiliar with seated concert experiences, and who were fairly sleepy from the cold and the dark (and the smoke! By God, must not forget the smoke!). It got better after the first two songs though (as usual), when the performer and the audience started to interact more. The climax (I’m sorry) was when the audience had to get up and yell out the lalala part in Laura Laurent, after Oberst straddled an audience member and tried to get him to take the mike. It might sound horrible, but it actually felt sort of natural. Sort of.

I was really stoked he played Arienette, Breezy and An Attempt To Tip The Scales. No Common Knowledge (saaaaad K), but maybe on Monday, fingers crossed.

Here’s an acoustic version of Shell Games, with added lowering expectations:

(Not my video, as usual.)

Just a list for me, so I don’t mix events up

  • Asking about the Olympics
  • Flashing lights, flashing hands
  • End of Waste of Paint
  • Summer!
  • Little bird ribcage
  • Silhouette like a girl
  • Can’t sleep
  • Sorry about new songs

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