On morning routines and future records

2013/01/30 § Leave a comment

What is the usual amount of time
girls should use each morning when visiting the restroom/bathroom/whatever? My flatmate runs into the bathroom every morning right when I’ve decided to get out of bed and she usually stays forever. I am pretty sure she watches TV series in there. Also pretty sure she can read my mind and uses this as a way to always get to the bathroom first in the morning. It’s annoying. Hope she heard that.

I visited my favourite ex-blogger’s Tumblr earlier today, which I don’t usually do as it always makes me sad for all the lives I’m not living. Anyway, she posted a link to an article which linked other articles which claimed that there most likely are plans for new albums/music from both Desa and MoF in the future. Future could be a lot of things though, but I’m hoping it’s some time before May 2014. This makes me both very happy and slightly sad.

I must add that “we have worked on 5 new songs and also are developing a screenplay to be turned into a full length major motion picture” sounds too good to be true, so it’s probably just that.

My flat mate appears to be done. Whoop, time to take a shower then go food shopping. My life is exciting!


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