On education

2013/02/03 § 4 Comments

(I know it’s quite a long video, but it’s engaging so it won’t seem very long.)

Ideology and reality are two different things. You cannot survive without conforming to the masses to some degree.


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§ 4 Responses to On education

  • Hanne M says:

    I like the video, but I’m confused about your comment. Don’t you think it is time we think differently about how we teach and learn? After all the school system as we know it isn’t very old and it is, as he says, more suited for a different economy than the current.

    I am personally very fascinated with the idea of unschooling. Have you heard about it?

    • Kharma says:

      Everything isn’t supposed to be understood. Enjoy the fleeting feeling of disequilibrium, and then log onto Facebook and reply to my message.

      (It’s quite unrelated, really, but still an annoying fact of life. I do agree with you, but society as a whole doesn’t seem to.)

      I haven’t heard of it, no, though I can sort of imagine what it entitles. If you want to enlighten me, that would be awesome, if not I can google it myself (hah ): )

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