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2013/02/06 § Leave a comment

London was good.

It was quite stressful, but that was primarily because it doesn’t make sense in my head how I can be in a class at 4 and still have the ability to be in Silk Street at 7. But I was, even though I spent 30 minutes pantingly half-running (whilst still looking in control and like a non-tourist to ward of potential criminals) around in London while cursing all the construction work going on basically EVERYWHERE, blocking the roads that my Google Maps printout said would be there. And so many people. Ugh.

Anyway, I got there in time and got to see Simone Felice which was be-a-utiful and he is be-a-utiful and everything was good. And no one took my water bottle, so I was feeling pretty great.

I decided to make a good / bad list. Or, a bad / good list cause my psychology teacher last year said that way is better for people’s cognitive function. Or something.

Bad things

  • Oberst kept on bashing his own songs which makes me sad cause they’re beautiful (“I don’t know why you guys sit and listen to this shit” and NO I DON’T CARE IF IT WAS IRONIC I’M SURE SOME PART OF HIM THINKS IT’S SHIT AND THAT’S WRONG). ;
  • Continued bitterness over the ambivalent reception of TPK;
  • My German right-door neighbour not being a fan of TPK;
  • The complete and utter constant silence and concentration on every-fucking-ones faces (I think it was more silent than in Oslo);
  • I had to keep switching seats during the Felice part which was awkward, but not as awkward as the M.Ward concert so I’ll live;
  • I cried during You Are Your Mom’s, and everyone else laughed. It’s actually the saddest song ever;
  • The person who said that Oberst got fat had me constantly concentrating on his (Oberst, not the reviewer’s) thighs. He’s not fat, by the way.

Good things

  • It was just very beautiful okay and he played Common Knowledge;
  • The setlist was gooood;
  • Oberst smiling and laughing when Felice was singing on Make War (HEARTS ALL AROUND). Everyone should smile and laugh more, it makes other people feel good as well as yourself (and everyone looks prettier when they smile);
  • I got a hug and a handshake and a “darling”. (On the bad things list: It didn’t make my life as complete as I believed it would.);
  • The Lua duet was amazing, and Simi Stone(I think)’s voice was really really beautiful and ugh the violin;
  • There was head banging going on. DESA ON MONDAY OKAY I AM LITERALLY DYING HERE

I’ll probably add to this (cause there’s definitely more good shit than bad shit) but I have a study, then my poetry group and just… Life.


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