On monsters and men

2013/02/06 § 2 Comments

Poetry group today was really good.

There was some talk about suicide – out of the seven people who were there, five of them had experienced suicide/attempts of people who they were close with and there was so much anger. Anger is such a beautiful and cleansing driving force. There was also some discussion around the topic of (the lack of) rebellion in today’s society, and on unwanted feelings. I also got to read two of my poems, which was awkward, and the group felt like I really opened up to them apparently, which is nice but still kind of awkward. Got a new theme of the week – movement – which will be interesting to write about. Last week brought up a lot of things unrelated to the topic (monsters), so it will be fun to see what comes out of this week’s.

On a slightly related note, I walked into the campus bookshop today and the clerk actually recognised me. I have to stop buying books. Honest to God, this is not normal.


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§ 2 Responses to On monsters and men

  • bb says:

    That sounds pretty cool, it is so inspiring that you are writing poetry and reading it to people, makes me want to join a poetry group too!
    I never thought that suicide could make people angry like that, must have been really interesting.

    • Kharma says:

      Yeah, one was angry at her brother for splitting up the family, and the other was angry at her sister (who didn’t succeed) for leaving a mess of blood (and probably emotions) that had to be cleaned up.

      And it was really embarrassing, cause one of the members said she used to wish her siblings would die in a car accident cause she wasn’t very fond of them, and then the sister of another of the members actually died in a car accident. Awkward.

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