On my first RPG experience + brief character description

2013/02/08 § 5 Comments

I have officially participated in my first ever RPG.

It was a tabletop role-playing game made by some band to fit in with their music and I don’t even know.

I was on a platform city in a dystopian steampunk world, and I had just been taken on as crew on a pirate ship. My previous job was as an assassin vigilante, my name was Agnes and my weapon of choice was the whip (which ended up being a stupid fucking idea). The ship, called The Ritz, was currently transporting a zoo, consisting of, amongst other animals, a dire wolf called Daisy and a giant bird called Jules. It (the ship and the zoo) was owned by Wendy, who was also our pilot, and our captain was named Snaily. There was another girl, also a vigilante, called Ursula (I think), and otherwise 50 anonymous people working on the ship. Anyway, we had just had a massive debate as to who were to be our captain (Wendy or Snaily, in which Snaily won because of his talents) and we had docked to this platform city for some obscure reason (I think we lived on it, IDK). Anyway, Snaily who had one missing eye and thus had superior hearing suddenly heard an explosion, and ordered his crew to follow him as he went to check out what had happened. Snaily knew that the platform city had been sinking slowly for the last couple of weeks, for reasons unknown, but didn’t think much about it. We walked through the city towards the centre, where big gas bags were stored to keep the platform adrift, when all of a sudden a group of people ran past us, with a tied-up woman between them. After much debate we decided to follow them. At the same time, people were starting to notice a slight shaking of the ground, and were starting to come out of their houses, so it was all very chaotic. The people we were following climbed up and into a ship, and we started climbing up after them. However, it soon became clear that we would not be able to follow them into the ship as it started to take off, and so Snaily, Ursula and myself jumped back to the ground. Wendy, however, being slightly opposed to us making Snaily our captain, decided to attempt to climb up and into the stranger ship. Sadly, she failed, and in her attempt to get back to ground level, she fell off the edge, holding on with only her finger nails. Ursula and I tried to help her up, but we’re not really strong characters, and Wendy fell off the platform. Luckily, Snaily is a very intelligent captain and used her animal handling skills to command Jules to fly and pick up Wendy.

A lot of other shit happened, the platform fell down, and we lost the front of our ship, and when we ended I was robbing a gypsy caravan with Snaily when a big beast dancer (?) with attached claws attacked us. The whip was obviously useless (as you can only use it to actually whip people, what the hell? I wanted to use it to strangle etc), and so I am currently badly injured though luckily conscious, Snaily is unconscious on the caravan floor, Wendy is sneaking up on the beast dancer in the hopes of backstabbing him, whilst poor Ursula has been kidnapped and is assumed sexually assaulted before killed.

I actually really enjoy my character. She is not really a physical fighter (despite her past as an assassin vigilante – didn’t think that through), but is very good at picking locks, picking pockets, talking, sneaking, hiding and mentally torturing. She is, however, not one of the “nice” pirates, trying to help the people while stealing from the government – she is a spy for some high up political group, so it will be interesting to see where that takes us. Cold and calculated. Oh, and she’s also addicted to opium.


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§ 5 Responses to On my first RPG experience + brief character description

  • bb says:

    That actually sounds like a lot of fun, how did you get into it? ^^

  • Hanne M says:

    So how does all of this happen… Do you pick up random cards and read them to continue the story or what? I’m such a noob.

    • Kharma says:

      Let the more experienced teach you… *wink wink nudge nudge*

      The GameMaster (?) has a general story ready, and when we need to make decisions we roll dice to see if it was successful or not. E.g. when I was attacked by the beast dancer I had to roll dice to see if me attacking him with my whip would harm him, and the GM rolled for the beast dancer to see if he would be successful in attacking me, and I had to roll to see if I stayed conscious etc. And the amount of white dice (positive) are based on your skills (which are noted down on your character sheet) and the black dice are any complications and if you’re hurt etc (so when he managed to harm me with his claws, I got a couple of black dice as it hurt to move, and seeing as I tried strangling him with my whip I got a couple of black dice, as that’s not what it’s used for). And you roll to try and get 1s and 6s, as they are successes, and you need more white 1s/6s than black ones. If that makes sense. You need more positive success than negative success. So, if you’re a really experienced fighter and have 3 athletic points and 2 sword yielding points there’s a larger chance of you being successful compared to a character with maybe 1 athletic point and 0 sword yielding points, as the more points you have, the more white dice you’re allowed to roll. If that makes sense.

      But you’re presented with an environment and to a large degree act upon it based on your character’s personality, so I mean, I could’ve run away from the BD, or tried talking to him, or played dead, or whatever. Or I could not have agreed to help rummage through the caravan in the first place. So it is largely based on the imagination of the players

  • Hanne M says:

    I wonder if anyone has tried writing a novel that way…

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