On painting ceramics

2013/02/09 § 5 Comments

Today, in yet another episode of K does shit she doesn’t know how to do.

(I feel like TPK never ends. Kind of like the last LotR film. So many potential endings, but it just goes on and on, but you don’t really mind. A good kind of surprise.)

Me and some other people went to paint ceramics today. There is this café in town where you pick out whatever you’d like to paint, and then there’s paint and brushes and stuff on the tables, and when you’re done you pay for whatever you painted and whatever you ate/drank, and you hand them whatever you did and they burn it for you, and you can pick it up in a couple of weeks. It’s really cool.

I decided to paint a cereal bowl, which was £15. I was considering doing a massive tea cup (£18), but I already have one, at the same time as I’m not really well equipped when it comes to having stuff to put my porridge in. So I ended up with a bowl, and I shamelessly copied got my inspiration from the Letting Off The Happiness cover for the inside of the bowl, cause it was that kind of day. The outside of the bowl got a quote (“I’m content to walk a little slower because there’s nowhere that I really need to be”) and the Aum symbol.

Here are some photos of what I did and what other people did (if I am able to edit this post from my mobile phone, where the photos can be found). Everyone did really well, and I’m so impressed with how creative everyone were.

20130209-075512 PM.jpg

20130209-075523 PM.jpg

20130209-075534 PM.jpg

Don’t mind the random black and yellow sharpie marks, they will hopefully burn away in the oven.

20130209-075540 PM.jpg

20130209-075546 PM.jpg

I must say that I didn’t really get this at the moment. It literally just dawned on me a couple of minutes ago. “I just fed you… Now kiss my d*ck”. He talked so much about ducks, he completely had me fooled.

20130209-075552 PM.jpg

20130209-075601 PM.jpg
It was really fun painting stuff, especially seeing as you (hopefully) end up with something that is actually useful. I will definitely go back when I’m feeling low on creativity.


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§ 5 Responses to On painting ceramics

  • bb says:

    Oooo that looks lovely, when we’re chinldren in school we get to make stuff all the time, but then suddenly we stop doing it and it is so much fun. ^^ I like the one with the duck.

  • Hanne M says:

    How did they become so pretty? Mine would have looked no better than a six year old’s.

    • Kharma says:

      All the other people are talented artists, and I got lucky, I guess. I was really scared I’d fuck it up, but I don’t think it looks half-bad.

      If you end up au-pairing and if you’re able to visit me I’ll take you there!

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