On the effects of the moon on your yoga practice and body

2013/02/09 § Leave a comment

(I am not sure where this is from,
but it’s informative, so I’ll post it here for future reference.)

In sanskrit, the sun is called ‘Surya’ and the moon is called ‘Chandra’.

Surya is more the symbol of energy, fire, analysis and masculinity, while Chandra is more about calmness, water, creativity and feminity. This is why you are sometimes told to turn on your right side after relaxation – to get energy after this time of quietness. This is also why Sun Salutation is called SuryaNamaskara, because it gives you, between others, a lot of energy!

Our body is made of water. Like the oceans, the moon has an effect on our constitution. If you practice yoga daily you will then be aware of the cycles of the moon. When it’s full moon, you won’t practice or do a very gentle practice (such as Chandra moon sequence or¬†restorative). When it’s new moon, some won’t do yoga but I like to have a more energical practice since motivation and prana (vital energy) are very low.

As we are all a part of nature, it is important to live in harmony with seasons and element cycles, to be aware of them and to understand that they impact our mind and body.



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