On Two Gallants

2013/02/10 § Leave a comment

I’m not quite sure how I got into Two Gallants.

I think it started with the Saddle Creek Spring 2011 Sampler, on which Adam Haworth Stephens had two songs. After having listened to them a couple of times I went looking for more, and thus stumbled upon the band he and Tyson Vogel have together.

They’re really pretty, though. ):

They’re a Californian folk-rock duo who started up in 2002, and can now be found with four albums and two EPs on their backs. I really like their music, it’s eloquent, (at times) meditative, mature and pretty ferocious. I got to see them last autumn in Norwich, and they were really good live (did you get that? REALLY GOOD! My last post didn’t do it justice, it was actually really great), so go and have a listen if they’re anywhere near (or far, depending on your commitment).

My Love Won’t Wait (Music video | A Take Away Show)
Winter’s Youth
Despite What You’ve Been Told
My Madonna ( <3 )

Ugh, such beautiful music. If you like what you hear, please support them by buying their music from ATO or Saddle Creek.


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