On Desaparecidos @ Electric Ballroom

2013/02/14 § Leave a comment

This will be short
cause it’s sad to me. Cause it was so good, y’know, it was a good couple of weeks, and now it’s done.

(If you’re actually one of the weird people who wanted a review, I’m a fan of this one, so go and read it.)

I went in to London early (think 10am) on Monday morning, wandered around on LSS a bit before finding myself in Camden Town. Surprisingly easy to find my hotel where fucking Denver was standing in the fucking reception and everything was wonderful and scary. I went and grabbed a smoothie at some sort of raw/vegan/organic cafĂ© thing before checking in, showering and texting the people I had agreed to meet. They were all between 17-19 y.o.a. and I participated in a lot of weird shit that day that I’d rather not talk about cause I actually physically blush when thinking about it.

The concert was actually amazing. It was so good that I have no words. It was very loud and a lot of screaming and crying and angry fists in the air and whipping my hair back and forth.

An awkward moment was when Oberst threw money to the crowd – “here’s your money back” – (at least I think that’s what he tried to do, but it landed a couple of dm from his feet), which is ironic/sad/awkward/whatever as people are currently silently rioting due to the expensive singles Desa are trying to sell us omg (he’s a goddamn HYPOCRITE get over it). It was also kind of awkward when everything turned very hXc and instruments were smashed etc. (But I mainly go to
.~* swaying, lighters, love *~. shows, so this might be normal, what do I know).

Afterwards, we hung out near the tour bus (gaaaah I know *superblush*) and we talked to Denver (what a STUD in the actual literal sense of the word my lord he is massive (just look at this what)) and he signed my vinyl and I’m dead.

Desa are teh bomb. Teh bomb.

And Denver promised that a new album was on the way so GUYS YES NEW DESA SHOW SOON.

(And Two Gallants are releasing Europe dates next weeeeeeeeeek.)

This was a shitty attempt at a piece of text, I’m sorry, guys. So happy people don’t actually read this for my opinions.

Oh, and here’s a picture of CANAAAAAAR (his birthday is tomorrow, and I actually hope he doesn’t do anything stupid) taken by one of the people I went with (not going to credit in case she finds my blog ): )


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