On Chris (Simpsons artist)

2013/02/16 § Leave a comment

You know the world is a weird place
when (possibly actually, likely humorist) autistic (or otherwise engaged?) Facebook page user Chris (Simpsons artist) speaks more truth than most others, and makes more sense than almost everyone else. He is pretty brilliant.

it is oscar pistorius and he had the whole world at his feet but he didnt even care so he just took off his legs and through it all away. i think that it is really sad that he killed his wife and i think that he will be feeling really down just now but i dont think that he will be feeling as down as his wifes mum and dad because they will never be able to hold their daughters hand ever again while she is alive and i think that being able to have guns for yourself is just not right because i think that only weak people need to have guns and it is the people who cant sort out their problems with their voices and their words who need to have some guns for themself to just shoot anything they cant be bothered with and i remember having a watch of oscar pistorius on my television when it was the olympics and i remember shouting come on just run for gods sake at my television because he was being a inspiration for people who have had some struggle in their life and he made a lot of people with no legs feel good about themselfs because they were fashionable but now he has just made everyone feel depressed and unfashionable and i think that if he had just stepped back on his stilts and actually thought about what he was doing then he wouldnt be where he is now and his beautiful wife would still be able to hold her mum and dads hands but now the only place that he will be jogging to is jail and it is all his own fault. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox


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