On the books I read in 2013

2013/12/30 § Leave a comment

So, I aimed to read 65 books in 2013.
According to GoodReads, I more than exceeded my expectations, with 17 766 pages (half of which is A Game of Thrones) and 88 books (as I’m writing this I still have 25.5 hours left of 2013 so I’m aiming for 90 to be honest, as I’m halfway through both Lords and Ladies, and Allegiant). The Animorphs-series are a big part of the reason why I’m over the limit though, I must admit, being 54 of the actual books I have read (this is not a lie and I am not embarrassed). Here’s a list of some of my favourite book(s) (series) this year (in no particular order). This has been a YA year, if you were wondering.

(Two posts in short succession, whooo)

  1. Animorphs (obvs)
    The best book series about kids turning into animals and fighting snail aliens ever. I am madly in love with Tobias now and forever, which is why I am not actually finishing the last couple of books but leaving them ignored in my iBooks folder, giving him and his mother their happy ending. Because they’re worth it. (And I can’t kill of Rachel, for the love of God!)
  2. The Brokeback Mountain short story
    Because I cried.
  3. Divergent
    I enjoyed this series, especially when I was told that Four was based on my Tobias. Fast read, to a certain extent engaging but not better than
  4. The Hunger Games series
    I didn’t really have a favourable opinion of these books the first time I read them, but after the second read through and the films (and my new-found love for Peeta) I find myself quite fond of them. These are also easy to read without focussing too much, which is a plus when you know you should be doing school related reading (reading whilst guilt tripping is sort of meditative, actually).
  5. Little Birds
    I never thought I’d read erotica by Anaïs Nin and much less admit to it, but there I was and here I am. Sweet and saucy short stories. I’ll move on.
  6. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
    Gah, I love me some dystopian science fiction, and this is a good one.
  7. Into The Wild
    I have tried starting this for at least a couple of years and finally finished it – and it is très good. Still haven’t watched the film (I know, I know).
  8. The Stepford Wives

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